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Non-Pressurised Dewar Tanks

Dewar vessels, also known as cryogenic Dewar flasks or liquid nitrogen flasks, are specialised vacuum flasks designed for the safe storage and transport of extremely cold liquids like liquid nitrogen, argon, and oxygen. Their special construction and superior insulation minimise temperature fluctuations, preventing excessive loss of these precious cryogenic liquids.


*Salt Therapy solutions does not install or provide these tanks. This page is for information only. If you would like a recommendation for a provider, please email us.

Features of the Non-Pressurised Dewar Tanks


Low evaporation rate


Low empty weight


Advanced vacuum and insulation technologies


Storage capacity from 10 litres to 50 litres


Assigned service life — 8 years under proper conditions

To discuss purchasing or financing the Non-Pressurised Dewar Tanks, please contact Salt Therapy Solutions today.

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