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HaloMini Pod

Salt Therapy Solutions presents the Halo Mini Pod. The HaloMini™ Pod is a portable revolution in self-care. Experience the powerful benefits of halotherapy anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of the HaloMini Pod

Halo Mini Pod.png

Ultra-Portable Salt Therapy:

The HaloMini™ Pod is your pocket-sized path to wellness. Take it anywhere - work, travel, etc. Its compact design fits comfortably in your bag.


Recreating Nature's Benefits:

Experience the power of a natural salt cave at home. The HaloMini™ Pod uses advanced halotherapy technology to generate a fine mist of pharmaceutical-grade salt particles, replicating the healing microclimate.


Customised Relief:

Adjust the intensity setting to suit your needs. Choose a gentle inhalation for relaxation or a more robust treatment for targeted relief.


Peace and Quiet:

Relax and unwind in silence. The HaloMini™ Pod operates quietly, ensuring your salt therapy session is a moment of pure tranquillity.


Versatile Wellness:

Use the HaloMini™ Pod at home, the office, or even while travelling. It's perfect for tents up to 50 square feet.


Built to Last:

Enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime warranty on the HaloMini™ halo generator. Breathe easy and experience the power of nature wherever you go.

To discuss purchasing or financing the HaloMini Pod, please contact Salt Therapy Solutions today.

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