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Salt Therapy Solutions provides clients with the HaloFX. The HaloFX™ boasts an impressive 13-year track record as the most popular halo generator for salt rooms. Plus, its lifetime warranty ensures lasting performance and peace of mind.

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Features of the HaloFX

  • Unmatched Reliability: Backed by a lifetime warranty, the HaloFX™ is built to last and deliver consistent performance, year after year. That's why it's nicknamed "The Workhorse."

  • Effortless Operation: Enjoy a simple setup, operation, and maintenance process. The HaloFX™ provides comprehensive training, manuals, and guides to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Superior Salt Therapy: Our proprietary SaltPerfect™ technology ensures the optimal distribution of the finest salt particles, maximising the benefits of your salt therapy sessions.

  • Global Support: Made in the EU and backed by a 24/7 US service centre, you're guaranteed exceptional support wherever you are.

To discuss purchasing or financing the HaloFX, please contact Salt Therapy Solutions today.

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