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Vitality Booth Plus

Salt Therapy Solutions supplies the Vitality Booth® Plus. The Vitality Booth® Plus brings you a revolutionary wellness experience, combining the benefits of Salt Therapy and Red Light Therapy in one sleek and comfortable unit.

Features of the Vitality Booth Plus

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  • Dual FDA-Approved Therapy: Experience the combined power of near and far red light therapy alongside Halotherapy for holistic benefits.

  • Superior Salt Therapy: Breath easy with the included HaloGX-pro™ halo generator, the most effective system on the market (lifetime warranty included).

  • Unmatched Sanitation: Relax knowing the built-in UV blue light system keeps your booth hygienically clean.

  • Immersive Experience: Enjoy soothing music with the integrated Bluetooth audio system and guided meditations from KSARA.

  • Turnkey Business Solution: Get started quickly with comprehensive training, marketing materials, and a personalised website - no need for room modifications or HVAC adjustments.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Create a calming atmosphere with chromotherapy lighting and enjoy a comfortable environment with built-in ventilation.

  • Peace of Mind: Invest in the future with proprietary technology backed by a pending U.S. patent.

  • Reliable Warranty: Benefit from a 5-year warranty on the booth itself.

To discuss purchasing or financing the Vitality Booth Plus, please contact Salt Therapy Solutions today.

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