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Portable Halo Therapy

Portable Halo Therapy

Introducing the innovative HaloPod™, our latest versatile Halotherapy product. Developed in collaboration with our wellness partners, this portable solution is the result of extensive research. It is designed to easily fit into small spaces without the need for costly room build-outs or modifications


The advantages of our portable halo therapy, halo pod:

There are many advantages of our portable halo therapy solution, the Halo Pod:

  • Conveniently portable for relocation between rooms or for outdoor promotion at health fairs and senior centres, enhancing business exposure and revenue potential.

  • Complete with a portable tent solution available in four colours—black, red, navy blue, and royal blue—to effectively contain salt during use.

  • Equipped with a comfortable mask designed to optimise dry salt absorption for individual users.

  • Crafted from durable plastic instead of stainless steel, preventing clumping and ensuring easier cleaning.

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