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Halo Cave

Halo Cave

Directly sourced from Halo Therapy's Italian partner, Stenal, our premium HaloCave™ boasts an exquisite Italian design. This prefabricated salt room is meticulously crafted and optimised to include the Halotherapy Solutions HaloFX™ halo generator.

stanza-gemma-con-persone-Halo Cave.jpg

Features of the Halo Cave

  • Simple assembly with pre-fabricated enclosure

  • Includes HaloFX™ Halogenerator

  • Bluetooth Audio Sound System featuring KSARA Guided Meditation

  • The halo generator plugs into a standard 110V outlet

  • Accommodates 2 – 6 people

  • Features padded anatomic chaise lounge benches

  • Comes with a comprehensive training manual

  • Lifetime warranty on mill, feeder, and fan for HaloFX

  • Includes complimentary marketing material and consultation

What sizes does the Halo Cave come in?


HaloCave™ Small

Width 83″

Hight 83″

Depth 83″


HaloCave™ Large

Width 110″

Hight 83″

Depth 83″

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