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Halo Booth Pro

Halo Booth Pro

Introducing one of the most advanced personalized dry salt therapy products available. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our salt booths deliver the ultimate private and highly effective Halotherapy experience in just 15 – 20 minutes, as opposed to the typical 45-minute salt room therapy session.


Cost-efficient, user-friendly, and requiring no costly room modifications to operate, the HaloBooth PRO™ is offered in three different sizes to accommodate your spacing needs. Powered by our HaloFX™ halogenerator, it comes with our industry-leading lifetime warranty.


Features of the Halo Booth Pro:

Some of the many features that the Halo Booth Pro offers are as follows:

  • Polychromatic Lighting System (chromotherapy)

  • Bluetooth Audio Sound System featuring KSARA Guided Meditation

  • Durable Construction with Scratch-Resistant Tempered Glass

  • 20% Larger than the HaloBooth™ (for enhanced comfort)

  • Integrated Premium Speakers (includes media device adapter)

  • The booth includes a Serene Ocean Mural to create a Relaxing Atmosphere

  • Built-in High-Quality Reading Lights

  • Contemporary and Removable Chairs for Comfort

  • Efficient Built-in Ventilation System

  • Comprehensive Training Manual Included

  • 5-Year Warranty on the Booth

  • Lifetime Warranty on the Halogenerator

The advantages of using the Halo Booth Pro:

There are many advantages of using the Halo Booth Pro:

  • Plug in and play

  • Customisable booths

  • 20 minute sessions

  • Customisable sessions if you have health conditions such as asthma

  • Privacy settings

  • Low maintenance

  • Low monitoring

  • The salts are easily changable


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