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Vitality Booth Plus

Introducing the revolutionary Vitality Booth™ Plus, the world's leading red light therapy system. This cutting-edge technology delivers unmatched benefits by combining the powerful effects of halotherapy and red light therapy. Ideal for spas, gyms, tanning facilities, and more, the Vitality Booth™ Plus comes in three sizes to fit any space effortlessly. Representing patented revolutionary technology, it's more than just a product.


HaloUNO Salt Booth

Discover the rejuvenating benefits of salt therapy with HaloUNO™, your personal relaxation oasis crafted for individual use. Providing affordability without compromising effectiveness, this device effortlessly plugs into any standard electrical outlet, offering the benefits of halotherapy at your convenience. With no intricate pre-installation prerequisites or technical expertise required, it's a hassle-free solution for all. Whether in your treatment room, gym, changing room, or spa, you can offer this wellness service to your customers easily.

Halo Booth Pro

Introducing one of the most advanced personalized dry salt therapy solutions on the market. Our salt booths utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide a private and highly effective Halotherapy experience in just 15 – 20 minutes, compared to the usual 45-minute salt room therapy session.


Cost-efficient, easy to use, and requiring no expensive room modifications to operate, the HaloBooth PRO™ is available in three sizes to suit your space requirements. Powered by our HaloFX™ halogenerator, it comes with our industry-leading lifetime warranty.


Halo Star

Combining the high-quality design with cutting-edge halogenerator technology, the HaloSTAR™ is a remarkable addition to any spa or wellness centre.

Halo Cave

Sourced directly from Halo Therapy's Italian partner, Stenal, our deluxe HaloCave™ showcases stunning Italian design. This prefabricated salt room is meticulously crafted and customised to incorporate the Halotherapy Solutions HaloFX™ halo generator.

stanza-gemma-con-persone-Halo Cave.jpg

Halo Cabin

Designed with care, the Halo Salt Cabin is tailored to support individuals managing various respiratory conditions, skin disorders, and those seeking holistic wellness therapy. With multiple size options, it ensures effortless self-assembly and is equipped with industry-leading halogenerators backed by a lifetime warranty.


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